What is Skitto and Skitto SIM Offers 2022?

If you are searching about Skitto and want to know about skitto sim offer, then now you are on the correct website.

In this post, I explain the details of skitto sim and its offers.

There have two types of internet connection. One is mobile internet and another is broadband internet.

Mobile internet is a sim card based wireless internet connection and broadband is a wired internet connection.

Mobile internet is quite expensive in Bangladesh. For the student, low-income people Bangladesh leading telecom company has taken a great initiative to provide them low cost mobile internet plan. After all Grameenphone started their digitalized service called Skitto.

In this post, you will get proper knowledge about what is skitto and skitto sim offer. So let’s get started.

What is Skitto?

Skitto is a digital product of grameenphone for providing low-cost mobile internet service.

Skitto means Always low cost Grameenphone Telecommunication Company is the 2nd leading telecom company of Bangladesh after Banglalink.
Grameenphone has a vast customer number around 65 million. But, all these customers are not able to maintain their mobile network digitally. So that, Grameenphone targeted a specific group of users and those are the young generation of Bangladesh.

Young people are quite use to digital services. So Skitto is not difficult to use for youth. Also, skitto provide internet packs with a reasonable value. So, students are mostly using skitto sim.

Overall, skitto is a sim card with digital services and provides very low-cost internet and minute offer in Bangladesh among all other telecom companies.

What is the price of Skitto SIM?

You can buy a skitto sim at 180 taka only.

Skitto sim is value for money. Within just 180 taka you get a skitto sim with a lot of amazing internetvand minute offer.

Skitto Internet Offer

Skitto Chill Deals : Skitto chill deals is an internet offer. Purchasing any kinds of internet pack from skitto chill deal you will get a good amount instant cashabck.

From Skitto chill deals you can buy 9 GB for 96 taka and get 15 taka instant cashback.

Buy 30 GB for Taka 299 and get 50 taka instant cashback.

Buy 40 GB for 386 taka and get cashback up to 90 taka.

All these internet offers are included into skitto chill deals.

Skitto Promo Deals : Skitto promo deals are only for promotional purpose of skitto. So after buy a skitti sim with taka 180 for next 6 month you will get such interesting promo deals.

  • Get 20 GB for 179 taka only.
  • Get 30 GB for 299 taka only.
  • Get 40 GB for 349 taka only.
  • Get 50 GB for 429 taka only.

There have no code for skitto internet offer. All these internet offers you will get into skitto app. Also, skitto app payment system makes digitally. You can use mobile banking, net banking for buying any offers from skitto app.

Also there have a option of data mixer. In data mixer option you can buy as much internet as you want and all are reasonable price.

How do I set up my Skitto SIM?

With the Skitto app, you can set up and enroll all services of skitto sim.

All functions of Skitto sim is online. Any purpose of skitto, like buying internet, check skitto balance, buy skitto minute offer, skitto data mixer all basic process set in skitto app and maintain all using that app.

In a short, skitto app is very good to use and It’s also user Friendly.

Skitto SIM Offer

Skitto is a student friendly sim. For students skitto served many good and low budget internet offer, minute offer.

Skitto has the lowest cost internet package in bangladesh. Skitto sim gives 100 MB for 1 Taka only and validate for 3 days. Beside this, skitto has special reward system.

Once you buy anything from skitto app, you will get specific reward points and you use these poimts for buy free skitto internet amd free minutes.

Skitto sim offers good combo of minutes. 300 Minutes for 30 days only for 150 taka.

Skitto has the lowest call rate 0.30 taka per minute on any operator. Reasons behind skitto gets over 30 Million customers within just 3 years for its amazing skitto sim offer.


At last it’s very easy to say developing countries like Bangladesh, skitto sim is a Blessings for users. It gives lowest call rate, lowest data plans etc.

So, everyone should try skitto and enjoy low budget best performance.

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