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How to use Ubersuggest Free Premium Account Cookies October 2022

In 2022, Ubersuggest is the best keyword research tool for Free. This seo(search engine optimization) tool works for checking keyword, keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, backlink checking, etc.

For keyword ranking in any search engine, keyword research is a very important factor. If you properly research any specific keyword, then ranking on that keyword is quite easy.

In this post, you will get how to use the best keyword research tool for free. So, read carefully all the points and for any problem, you can comment below.

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool. It is also used for website SEO analysis, keyword difficulty and backlink checking.

Ubersuggest has two different parts, one is a free keyword research tool and another part is paid tool.

In free Ubersuggest there have many restrictions and limitations. But, if you pay for it and buy any kind of Ubersuggest plan then there will no limitation for you. You can crawl your website SEO anytime you want.

You can check lots of keywords daily according to your Ubersuggest plan. You will get all backlinks of any website. Ubersuggest also helps you to boost your website SEO and give professional suggestions.

How do you use Ubersuggest for keyword research?

Pick any keyword and check search volume, keyword difficulty, similar keywords and analysis competitor website by Ubersuggest.

You can use ubersuggest from all over the world and check the internet searches from any country with highly accurate search volume.

You do use ubersuggest for keyword research with a good internet connection and a computer. Right now, ubersuggest has updated mobile usability. So mobile users also use ubersuggest now. So, don’t worry if you have an internet connection and any smart device you can access Ubersuggest for keyword research.

You can check details about your targeted keyword in Ubersuggest. Within a single second, ubersuggest will offer you the most relevant keywords associated with your main keyword.

Best 5 tips to use uberssuggest for keyword research

  1. Pick any randon keyword and search it on Ubersuggest.
  2. Get many related keyword of your main keyword.
  3. Check your competitors on that specific keyword.
  4. Get proper knowledge about seo difficulty and how many backlinks you need.
  5. Start writing unique and informative article on your keyword. And rank on it!

Uberssuggest show you the keyword search volume and keyword difficulties so you will be aware of how much time you need to rank on that keyword.

You can export available keyword excel sheets into your computer and that will help you to get more preparation. Ubersuggest also show you how much domain authority and backlink need to your domain for rank on your keyword.

In this process, you can use ubersuggest for keyword research.

Ubersuggest Pricing

You can use ubersuggest for free but in free version has some limitation.

Uberssuggest realised three different types of plans according to users activities and make more reliable. In these plans few features are common. In Ubersuggest plan you will get real time crawl feature, watch any website all backlinks, get 200+ related keyword, search volume, seo analysis. But according to your plan the number of searches and other features will increase.

For beginners, there have an Individual plan. This plan is for For individuals who want more traffic. This individual plan offers you within 12 dollars per month. You will get 100 Reports Per Day, 3 projects, 100 Tracked Keywords, maximum 1000 page crawl for per site. If you are a beginner then this plan will boost your seo level and help to increase your website traffic.

The second plan is Business plan. You will get Uberssuggest business plan for 20 dollars per month. In business plan your features will increase from individual plan around 150% so for quite loaded work, you need this plan.

Finally for pro or seo companies Ubersuggest provide the biggest plan of 40 dollars per month and that plan called Enterprise / Agency. In this plan, all features are in huge package so dont worry while using this. You will get unlimited time keyword tracking, unlimited page crawl of any site 15 projects. So, this agency plan is only for companies who work on seo hardly.

How to Get Ubersuggest Free Trial

Get ubersuggest free trial for 7 days.

Uberssuggest launched a good marketing plan by giving 7 days free trial of any plans of Ubersuggest. New users of Ubersuggest premium plans can try Ubersuggest for 7 days for free of cost.

From any country region, you will get Ubersuggest free trial for 7 days while ypur first time purchase of Ubersuggest premium plans. In Ubersuggest free trial, there included all premium features. So ubersuggest free trial is 100% authentic.

Is Ubersuggest paid?

Yes, Ubersuggest is a paid software but it has a free version with limited feature support.

Though ubersuggest is paid, on other hand this has a very good cost free system. Ubersuggest paid plans are separated with three different categories according to plans and working capacity. Uberssuggest paid plans called Individual, Business, Enterprise / Agency all these plans are totally paid. A good news is, when you first time buy these plans you will get 7 days free trial pack.

Is Ubersuggest worth paying for?

Yes, Ubersuggest is value for money.

If you are a professional blogger or a content writer, then Ubersuggest premium plans are must needed for you. So this plans will help to discover many new keyword and track them

Uberssuggest shows the most accurate backlinks, seo difficulties, search volume. So this seo tool can help a beginner to increase his seo knowledge and seo strategy like a professional. With the seo audit, ranking on any search engine has been quite easy and interesting.

So you can pay ubersuggest for its plans. If you work properly and regularly then Ubersuggest is worth for paying.


To become a successful blogger, the key content is consistency. If you consistently work hard then one day success will come.

These seo tools help you to bring out from your comfort zone and explore more. So, there have no seo tool who can rank your website. So you need to work hard how seo tools say to go and you will capture your goal. In seo tools filed Ubersuggest is an unbeatable tool. Use this and work hard!


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